Five Minutes with Marianne Schlegelmilch

Marianne SchlegelmilchAlthough travelling, I recently had the chance to briefly catch up with Alaskan author, Marianne Schlegelmilch.

Having celebrated a full and inspiring career in nursing, Marianne spends her efforts today, mainly writing. And her eight works (and counting) of AK-based children’s, mystery and fiction have already established her as an Alaskan literary fixture and one of America’s most gifted writers, with a genius for conveying vivid nature descriptions.

You can read more about Marianne on her website at

Here are my five, and Ms. Schlegelmilch’s answers:

1.   Who has been your greatest influence, and how?

Greatest influence—my husband of 45 years, who is an inspiration in positivity on many levels.

2.   Which previous job/project had the most impact on you, and why?

My long career as a Registered Nurse working mostly in Critical care. But in many facets of nursing across the USA.

3.   Is there a “secret of your success”?

I am doing what I love to do. I am inherently empathetic and have always written for fun—since grade school.

4.   Is there a particular moment that had a great effect on your life or career?

There were many moments in my work as a nurse and in my personal life that have made me who I am today. I believe in the goodness in life and that good will prevail over evil of any type.

5.   When I come up to Juneau this March (2015), what are the essential things to see and do?

Everything you can cram into your visit! Especially talking to locals and visiting as many places as possible both on and off the tourist track.


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